The name indigharana comes from “indie” which represents an alternative culture and “gharana” which represents a style of traditional art.  The brand brings a range of curated designs and products inspired by urban and ethnic cultures. 

We blend the urban and traditional cultures to bring a curated range of timeless products. Our current offering features unique neckties, pocket squares and The Indian Jacket, which suit every occasion, highlighting the element of Indianness. 

We believe that enterprise is an opportunity to serve a larger goal in addition to profit generation. As a family of artists, we understand the immense hard work, dedication and sacrifice put in by traditional weavers, artisans and craftsmen to produce art work. With our experience in understanding heritage, coupled with our intent to unify cultures, we are equipped with the right mindset and direction to drive this idea into an actionable and sustainable initiative.

Madhav Raj Bhatt: Co-Founder

Coming from strong experiences in leadership and management, Madhav has always been passionate about art and culture. He grew up around heritage art such as classical music, dance, handicrafts and handlooms. His extensive travels from an early age made him realise that it is really culture that is the cornerstone of any community. Not only is he passionate about bringing art forms to the forefront but is himself engaged in theatre and music. This has given him the unique edge of balancing and understating the worlds of creativity and management.

Mangala Bhatt: Co-Founder

Mangala's creative outlook coupled with her eye for aesthetics makes her stand out. An established Kathak exponent and choreographer, she really knows what it takes to propagate, popularise and connect art with people. Her understanding of heritage and strong leadership gives us the essential quality of continuous exploration.