Gift a Story

Exclusively curated artisanal gifts

We believe our crafts can be a great example of innovative and value driven gifting that would not only be impactful for artisans but also provide meaningful and sustainable gifting solutions. We work with our clients to understand the requirements, profile, context and then provide a range of gifting options which bring together aesthetics and utility. 

Not just any other gift box but one that reflects the rich legacy, art and culture of the past in today's world - the one that tells a story, a story that blends the urban and traditional cultures, the story of indigharana. Every product is our commitment to livelihood, artisans, design & sustainability.

  • Refreshed boxes for people-connect initiatives, rewards programs, annual and festive gifting for employees.
  • Exquisite gift boxes for senior management, corporate events both internal and external.
  • Special gift boxes for guests, customers, clients, stakeholders and partner organisations.

Customisation is available on select products depending on order quantity, preferences, timeline and other factors.

We also curate gift boxes for occasions such as conferences, weddings, festivals and other personal events. Our offerings for gifting include some of our signature products seen on this website and limited edition of products only for gifting. Please email us on or WhatsApp us on +91 8008 213 517 to get our latest product catalogue for gifting.